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Virtual Address (Mail Forwarding)
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Unlike the Assisted Purchase service, the Virtual Address (Mail forwarding) service is intended for those, who pay for the goods directly to sellers without the Alfaparcel’s participation. We will provide you with unlimited space at the Alfaparcel’s warehouse and you will be able to shop as if you were a UK resident. Enter your name and our company’s address in the address field during checkout.

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  • The opportunity to shop as a UK resident
  • Able to purchase from most of the UK stores and eBay
  • Orders are managed independently by you
  • Always on-time, we are in compliance with our time frames

What does the service include?

The Virtual address service includes receiving, storing and forwarding customers’ parcels. We offer 90 days of free storage. The delivery cost is calculated according to the current rates.

How it works?

The customer purchases an item from an online store or eBay, specifying the address as our warehouse and his/her name as the name of the recipient. Even if the parcel is sent recorded delivery and requires a signature, we will receive it and sign for it on your behalf.

After we have received the package at our warehouse, the customer will then be notified by email and a SMS for free. All parcels will then be managed by the customer in his/her account via the ‘My Warehouse’ menu. Once the customer sends the request to forward the parcel, we will then pack the goods and issue a shipping invoice. Once the invoice has been paid, the parcel will then be sent to the client. They will then receive a notification containing the tracking number and a link for the online tracking.

Important! Before using this service, you must activate it. Go to the Virtual Address menu in your account do this. Remember the service activation is free.

Am I able to request photos, detailed description of goods received, consolidation and other services for my parcels?

Unlike the ‘Assisted Purchase’ service, the Virtual Address service does not include checking and describing the goods received in the parcel. Once the parcel has been delivered to our warehouse, the customer is then notified of who the sender is and the weight of the parcel. The notification will be sent to the customer’s email and a SMS will be sent to the customer's phone. Consolidation, the checking of items, a description of the contents, as well as photographs or any other additional requests can be ordered via the ‘My Parcels’ menu in your account. All of these services are optional and if necessary, should be requested by the customer. Rates for these and other special requirements can be seen here.

Additional information about any possible costs associated with the use of The Virtual Address service is available on the rates page.