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What payment methods do you accept?

We accept bank transfers (in GBP or EUR), PayPal or Skrill (Moneybookers) payments. Payment FAQ


PayPal is an instant money transfer system that supports Visa and Master Card.


When using PayPal the customer pays a service charge of 4%.

Bank transfer (GBP)

Transfer in GBP to the Alfaparcel account in the British National Westminster bank (NatWest).


Recipient: Alfaparcel Ltd

Bank: National Westminster Plc.

Account Number: 88649067

Branch sort code: 55-81-28


IBAN: GB17NWBK55812888649067

Before transferring funds we recommended clarifying the transfer conditions (time and price of the services) at the bank, performing the transfer. The most favorable transfers are in GBP. In case the transfer is made in another currency, it can be converted to GBP by the receiving bank at a lower rate.

Bank transfer (EUR)

Transfer in EUR to the Alfaparcel account at the German Berliner Volksbank. The transfer is credited in GBP after being converted from EUR. This payment method is beneficial when depositing large amounts (from 1,000 EUR).


Recipient: Alfaparcel Ltd. German Branch

Bank: Berliner Volksbank eG

Account number: 2464 7130 02

Currency: EUR

IBAN: DE43 1009 0000 2464 7130 02


Bank Code: 100 900 00

Bank’s commission – 1% from the transfer amount, but not less than 13 EUR, and no more than 130 EUR. Funds are credited to the balance in GBP at the Alfaparcel’s exchange rate on the day of transfer receipt. The Alfaparcel’s EUR-GBP exchange rate is very close to the market rate. The exchange rate is displayed, when the customer creates an application for a transfer in EUR in his personal account.

Skrill (Moneybookers)

Moneybookers (Skrill) is a convenient way to transfer money online.


Paying via Moneybookers (Skrill) the customer also covers Moneybookers commission in the amount of 4% from the transfer amount.

Which payment method should I choose?

  EUR/GBP bank transfer PayPal Moneybookers
Service charge Depends on the currency of transfer, amount and bank


Processing time 1-3 business days Online transfer Online transfer
Limit on the amount No £350 per month £300 per month

Why are there limits?

Limits have been set on the accounts for safety reasons.

Once the customer has ordered and received several parcels then their account is automatically reviewed and the limits are changed or removed accordingly.

How to pay for an order?

Like any other UK company when receiving orders online, we will only process the order once we have received full payment. Items will be sent to the customers after they have paid for the items and the delivery. You can top up your balance at any time through your account. Funds from the balance can be withdrawn upon the customer’s request within one working day.