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Affiliate program


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This will allow you to earn 10% of the total commissions paid by the attracted customer for the entire time.

  • Sign up
  • Bring a new customer
  • Get a reward

How does it work?

Once you have signed up and became a partner of Alfaparcels, you will be given a unique link to our website. This link will enable you to receive rewards. To do this all you have to do is attract new customers and send them our way via your link. When the new customer clicks on your unique link, the users browser creates a cookie file which contains your affiliated ID, if the new customer then signs up with 90 days of opening the link then his account and future orders is linked to your affiliated account. You will then receive an affiliate commission for every order this customer places through Alfaparcel.

In your affiliated account, you will be able to see a detailed report and all the events to which each bonus is rewarded for. The more visitors who successfully register via your link, the more bonuses you can receive on your account.

Are there any other partnership opportunities?

We are always open to new ideas and possible future partnerships from the owners of forums, popular blogs or websites. We will happily interact with both companies and individuals regarding this. Contact us at with any partnership ideas you may have and we will look into this for you.