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What is a Premium Account and how much does it cost?

Premium Account is an additional service. It may be of interest to our dear wholesalers, purchase organisers, intermediaries, as well as all those customers who order a lot and often.

Premium Account provides the following benefits:

  • Free consolidation and splitting of all orders placed within the Premium Account duration. This applies to orders made through Alfaparcel, as well as orders made to the virtual address. The Premium Account works on all types of orders.
  • Free 6-month storage for orders placed within the Premium Account duration, as well as packages ready for dispatch.
  • 10 urgent requests for the duration of the Premium Account. There are two types of urgent requests:  urgent packaging (within 1 hour) and urgent purchase of order (within 1 hour). Premium Account holders can choose which 10 urgent requests they would like. For example, you may opt for 7 urgent purchases and 3 urgent packagings, or maybe you would prefer 9 urgent packagings and 1 urgent purchase. The choice is yours.

The duration of the Premium Account is 30 days. The cost of this service is £100.