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What is the difference between the Virtual Address service and the Assisted Purchase service?

The difference between these two services is that in with of Virtual Address the customer pays for the goods himself. This means that the customer covers the price of the goods independently, without our involvement. During checkout the customer will then indicate our UK address as the delivery address for the order. We will then receive the goods and forward them onto the customer.

When using the Assisted Purchase service, Alfaparcel will order and pay for the goods, have them sent to our warehouse and ship them to the customer. 

Sometimes, there will be disputes with online stores regarding the orders. Depending on which service you use will depend on what involvement we can have with the disputes. If you purchase using the Assisted Purchase Service then we will handle all these disputes free of charge. If you were using the Virtual Address Service and had a dispute that needed resolving on an order then we do not provide the assistance on this and the customer would be responsible to deal with these issues by themselves.

Another significant difference between the services is that the Assisted Purchase service entails a free check of all goods received at the Alfaparcel warehouse, whereas with the Virtual Address Service the checking of goods is an additional paid service.

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