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Buying goods in the UK using Alfaparcel

Only 4% commission!

Using our service, you can shop in the UK and anywhere else in Europe without leaving the comfort of your own home. All you need to do is choose the goods in any UK online store or eBay and place your order to us to buy them on your behalf.

We will pay, receive, check, pack, insure and send you the goods ordered, complying with all the shipping rules and regulations and using the most efficient postal service.












- Various UK shops run promotions and discounts so there is always an opportunity to save money.


- By participating in the Alfaparcel affiliate program, you can receive bonuses for each client you refer to us.


- We can buy the goods you wish to purchase within an hour! Don’t miss the hot sales!


What are the costs??


Alfaparcel’s commission on the Assisted Purchase service is only 4% of the order value, but a minimum of 5.00 GBP. There is no minimum amount you have to spend on an order and you can chose any item you like from any shop you like.



Buying wholesale?


With our Premium Account you can get the maximum savings on consolidation of a large number of orders, storage of goods and urgent requests. Learn more.



Are there any hidden charges?


We have no hidden charges. Additional information about any possible expenses associated with completing the order is available on the rates page.


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