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Always being in compliance with our time frames is one of our main priorities. 

We work fast and value our customers’ time. This is why the compliance with the specified time frames is one of our main priorities. To prove to our customers that the processing time is important for us, we are happy to announce a new special programme called ‘Speed or Compensation’.


The essence of the Speed or Compensation program is that if your requests are not dealt with within the specific time frames stated then the customer will receive compensation for the delays. We work fast or pay compensation!


Please see below the time frames that we work by and the amount of compensation we pay in the event of a delay:


  Standard time Max time Compensation for exceeding the max time
To respond to the clients request/email 2-6 business hours up to 1 business day £2 to the customer’s balance
Purchase of the customer’s order 2-8 business hours up to 1 business day refund of 50% of our commission on the order
Adding the order to the customer’s account after its arrival at our warehouse same day
up to 1 business day £2 to the customer’s balance
Parcel packaging on the day of packaging request* up to 48 hours (weekdays only) £5 to the customer’s balance
Dispatch of the packaged parcel within 1 business day up to 48 hours (weekdays only) £5 to the customer’s balance


* If the request for packaging was made by the customer before 8.00 AM British time. If later than this time then the parcel is usually packed the next working day.


Additionally, customers have the option to request urgent packaging or purchases of an order within 1 hour of the request. These are additional paid services, which cost £5 for every urgent request.


Example: Suppose we failed to pack the customer’s parcel within the maximum time frame stated. This is very unlikely to happen, but still, let’s say it happened.  The customer will then receive £5 on his/her balance and can spend this on anything he/she likes; you are even able to withdraw this from the account via a money transfer.  No waiting around! The customer gets results on time or gets compensated for the delay.


The Speed or Compensation program is new to the market that we represent. We believe that any company specializing in assisted purchases can offer competitive commissions. However, there are only a few that are able to compete with regards to the delivery cost and the quality of services provided.


Please Note: Compensation can only be redeemed when the delays are caused by Alfaparcel itself. The Speed or Compensation program does not apply to any force majeure situations, as well as delays caused by third parties. For example, if the power is lost in the warehouse then we will not be able to operate for some time and therefore there may be delays on all requests. Or, if the online store’s server goes down, we will not be able to buy the required item on time.


To redeem your compensation, please contact our customer support through your personal account.


up to 48 hours (on weekdays)
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