Delivery of parcels and goods from the UK




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All parcels sent with Alfaparcel Economy will be delivered by recorded mail with tracking number.

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Alternatively, it is possible to order delivery through Parcel2Go or Interparcel. Additional charges may apply.



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Delivery of parcels and goods from the UK


For customers wishing to use the Alfaparcel Economy delivery service, you can find the delivery times and prices by using the calculator above.  If you would like to use an alternative delivery service other than Alfaparcel Economy, then this is possible by using services such as Parcel2Go, and Interparcel.

If you would like to use these alternative services then there will be an additional administrative fee which will be as follows:




Parcel weight
0  kg to 2  kg £6
2  kg to 4  kg £7
4  kg to 8 kg £8
8 kg to 10 kg £12
10 kg to 14 kg £14
14 kg to 18 kg £18
18 kg to 22 kg £20
22  kg to 30 kg £25



When sending parcels using the Alfaparcel Economy then there will be no additional administrative fee.



Alfaparcel Economy Delivery conditions: 


  • Maximum weight for the parcel is 30kg, this includes the packaging (Some countries maximum is 20kg). The longest side of the parcel should not exceed 105cm, and the total of all 3 sides (length + width + depth) should not be greater than 155cm.
  • Each parcel includes indemnity of up to 50 GBP. Upon request, the package can be insured against loss with a maximum amount of compensation from 50 to 600 GBP. The cost of insurance against loss is 3% of the value of the contents of the parcel.
  • The cost for the packing labour and materials for Alfaparcel Economy standard parcels are usually around 1-3 GBP, however this all depends on the size of the parcel. Also, if you require additional enhanced packaging then this may increase the price.
  • If the parcels overall size exceeds the maximum, and the parcels contents are not able to be divided into separate parcels then the delivery of this may still be possible, however there will be a penalty of £40 to do this, and the size of each side should not exceed 120 x 60 x 60 cm.



To ensure that all customers will be satisfied with our delivery service, we always follow a few simple rules: 


  • As soon as the parcel is ready to be dispatched to the customer, we ship immediately without delay.
  • We always carefully pick and use the best packaging materials required for the individual parcel We keep all documents associated with each parcel and order for a period of a year after the parcel has been dispatched
  • We specify the value of the parcels contents on the customs declaration according to the wishes from the customers.






When sending parcels to countries outside the EU, there may be different customs rules and restrictions for each individual country. We recommend that you read up on the customs rules and restrictions for the appropriate country before sending any goods. The recipient of the goods will be responsible for the payment of any customs duties and taxes.



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